Learning by doing is the key, but if the possibility exists, why not spare ourselves some effort (and/or money) and collect advice from someone who’s already BEEN THERE and DONE THAT?

Bailey sitting in her most comfortable TEDDY BEAR position.
Bailey sitting in her most comfortable TEDDY BEAR position.

To all French Mastiff owners, breed lovers, new pet-parents, or simply, poor, bored souls (how in Gods name did you unknowingly end up on a dog site?!) … – WELCOME to my page!

As the URL suggests, Bailey is my beautiful 11 week-old Dog de Bordeaux (or in English: French Mastiff) and THIS is the page that will accompany her through her different stages in life; including refusing to walk, sitting on command, and/or even eating out of the bin. (We’ve all been there…)

I won’t bore you guys with the intricacies behind making this page, I will however briefly explain the gist of it.

Bailey’s been with us for 3 weeks now. Though my partner and I aren’t inexperienced dog owners, we have never had a dog quite the size of Bailey… or even one with her character! Therefore, as the freshly-baked parents that we are, we have searched the internet for breed-particular information/advice on multiple occasions, but apart from a brief description of character/body weight and size, and a few seriously boring YouTube videos (…we’re talking a camera filming a dog standing in one place for 2 minutes, incorrectly titled; ‘so and so puppy sitting’), we have found nothing useful pertaining to raising, training, grooming or feeding a young French Mastiff.

So here I am guys, a new Mommy who just in the brief span of 3 weeks has already experienced and compared the best worm and flea-remedies, food and shampoo brands, AND, AND, AND. I am here to ultimately share her (and mine) doggy experiences, tricks and gathered info to the best of OUR abilities, so that should any of you be confused or simply unsure like we were, hopefully this page can help you get your doggy groove back on!

Ps: I do not believe I am a dog expert by any means, BUT I do believe we learn best by doing, therefore I warmly welcome anyone to share their experiences or comment on ours – this is a page for all of us to learn to be the best parents we can be!

Thanks for reading through this, I’m sure you and your dog are doing great. I know Bailey and I are! … many hugs from me, Mira and a slightly meaty, but loveable lick from Bailey the Bordeaux!


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